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Virtuous Tabletop 2: Session 1 Is Live

The season premiere of the second adventure of Virtuous Tabletop is now live on YouTube. While Murphy’s Law was hard at work on the live stream night, causing delays and technical hiccups during the stream, I’d say our first session

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Premium 3.5 Magic Item Compendium Reprint Releases

Wizards of the Coast has released a premium reprint of the ultimate magic item trove for D&D players: the 3.5 edition Magic Item Compendium. “The 3.5 Edition Premium Magic Item Compendium collects the most popular magic items in the D&D

Virtuous Tabletop Season 2 Begins July 24

After the successful conclusion of the first season of Virtuous Tabletop, we’re now in full-swing to kick off Season 2! The season premiere will be Wednesday, July 24, at 9:15pm eastern (2:15 UTC, Friday). Subsequent live-streams will occur weekly on

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