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Roll20 Passes 250k Users, Wins ENnie

The Roll20 dev team attended this year’s Gen Con in late August, during which it hosted panels and even live-recorded an episode of the Orr Group Podcast. Based on community votes, the virtual tabletop application won an ENnie award for

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Wizards Announces The Sundering: 6 Novels, Mobile Game & More

The Forgotten Realms campaign setting will be completely reshaped by a year-long event – The Sundering – which kicked off earlier this week by Wizards of the Coast. Fans have the opportunity to impact the fate of the world through

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Premium 3.5 Magic Item Compendium Reprint Releases

Wizards of the Coast has released a premium reprint of the ultimate magic item trove for D&D players: the 3.5 edition Magic Item Compendium. “The 3.5 Edition Premium Magic Item Compendium collects the most popular magic items in the D&D

Virtuous Tabletop Season 2 Begins July 24

After the successful conclusion of the first season of Virtuous Tabletop, we’re now in full-swing to kick off Season 2! The season premiere will be Wednesday, July 24, at 9:15pm eastern (2:15 UTC, Friday). Subsequent live-streams will occur weekly on

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Virtuous Tabletop Premieres Jan 24!

In development for months, our new live-streamed D&D campaign, titled Virtuous Tabletop, will premiere this Thursday, January 24th, at 9:15pm eastern (2:15 UTC, Friday). Thanks to a heavily houseruled hybrid 4e/3e system, sessions will last 20-40 minutes and take place

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