Virtual tabletops are the future.

While nothing can ever replace real-life sessions, technology progresses with each passing year and the value that a virtual tabletop can add to your physical tabletop is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. For those going completely virtual, webcams and voice-chat recreate the face-to-face experience and give gamers from around the world to the opportunity to connect with distant friends, relatives, or even strangers and roll some virtual d20s.

In a live-streamed Q&A and roundtable discussion about virtual tabletop gaming, we spoke to special guests Azhrei, the lead developer of the popular virtual tabletop application MapTool

, and Keith Athey, author of The New Moon Murders and member of the MapTool team, to help demonstrate what a virtual tabletop can do and provide some insight into the virtual scene.

You can listen in on the discussion in the video, above.

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