The Roll20 dev team attended this year’s Gen Con in late August, during which it hosted panels and even live-recorded an episode of the Orr Group Podcast.

Based on community votes, the virtual tabletop application won an ENnie award for Best Software in the RPG industry. You can check out the presentation here.

Coincidentally, on the last night of the gaming convention, Roll20 hit a milestone: 250,000 registered users.

While our Virtuous Tabletop group uses MapTool as a virtual tabletop application, we’ve been keeping a close watch on Roll20′s development and may make the switch for Season 3.

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1 Comment » for Roll20 Passes 250k Users, Wins ENnie
  1. Skaah says:

    Definitely make the switch, so much can be done with Roll20. I’ve been playing on Roll20 for about a year now and once you find a good group of people the games go great and it seems you have the group together already. There is fun things on there like dynamic Lighting.

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